Looking back at William Yarbrough in 2022, we try and understand whether an upgrade at GK for 2023 is really necessary.
I haven't posted behind the paywall, so here's a fun story.
With the acquisition of Connor Rowan, playing time for Rapids central mids is at a premium. What will that mean for the roster?
The BIG questions get answered. One: can Diego Rubio repeat his blistering 2022 performance again this year? And two: Can the Rapids replace the modest…
Rapids wingers somewhat underperformed expectation in 2022. Also if you're a very TL;DR reader, this article has a lot of cool gifs you'll want to see.
Here's everything soccer related I watched in 2020 to help you with MLS offseason boredom.
Some say the Rapids were lacking at striker or creative midfielder, but in 2022, central midfield was a real problem area, too.
We have lost soccer's everyman correspondent.
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Holding the High Line