Win, lose or tie, this team has some great supporters.
Three games in, no goals. My sources tell me scoring is often an important part to winning soccer games. Also: a comment on recent local media…
The four-nil loss to Seattle looked a lot like some of the uglier moments from 2022. Is this a Rapids team heading in the wrong direction?

February 2023

Matt and I want to go on record with our predictions. So that we can look like geniuses this November. Or morons.
Looking back at William Yarbrough in 2022, we try and understand whether an upgrade at GK for 2023 is really necessary.

January 2023

I haven't posted behind the paywall, so here's a fun story.
With the acquisition of Connor Rowan, playing time for Rapids central mids is at a premium. What will that mean for the roster?
The BIG questions get answered. One: can Diego Rubio repeat his blistering 2022 performance again this year? And two: Can the Rapids replace the modest…

December 2022

Rapids wingers somewhat underperformed expectation in 2022. Also if you're a very TL;DR reader, this article has a lot of cool gifs you'll want to see.
Here's everything soccer related I watched in 2020 to help you with MLS offseason boredom.
Some say the Rapids were lacking at striker or creative midfielder, but in 2022, central midfield was a real problem area, too.
We have lost soccer's everyman correspondent.